About NuWatt Energy™ LLC

Quality, Driven by Experience, Locally and Organically


NuWatt Energy™ is a company founded based on the goal of reducing the cost of solar power and building a trusted local brand.


NuWatt Energy™ is committed to building a clean and sustainable energy future through making solar energy affordable to our clients.


We help clients make environmentally responsible buying decisions, and we promote US made solar equipment as 1st choice.

NuWatt Energy Customer Reviews & Testimonials

It has been 6 years since you installed our 7 kW system. Since then we are officially a NetZero home with no electric bills to pay!

The system paid for itself 160% already…Thank you NuWatt Energy!”

Michael, M., Belmont, MA
Our solar system is producing more than expected so far.

Excellent workmanship and knowledgeable responsive staff from the initial proposal through the interconnection of our energy system. Thank you much! I will always recommend NuWatt Energy”

Patricia J., Arlington, MA
I would highly recommend using NuWatt as a trusted Solar Installation Company in my experience.

In summary they do not over promise and under deliver but in fact just the opposite. (BBB review)

Wilfred, G., Manchester, NH
We are very impressed by NuWatt Energy’s crews and professionals, they were responsive, friendly and competent.

We appreciated the staff’s help in facilitating the rebate and permit forms and providing all the relevant information. We are very satisfied with your services.

Jim, N. Bedford, NH