Solar Power Savings & Revenue Generation

Power your home with confidence.

With NuWatt Energy, you own the solar system installed on your home and get the upside value - not some third party or the utility company.

Let us help you chart your energy independence with our quality and affordable solar energy solutions so you can plan the future with confidence.

Robust energy storage solutions to power your life

In times of power outages, solar batteries are a reliable source of energy storage that guarantees the uninterrupted functioning of your household appliances.

Ductless mini-split system

Heat pumps

Get ready to utilize electricity for heating and cooling and can save up to 30% on energy bills compared to oil-based systems. Heat pumps provide exceptional comfort and air-purifying technology.

Roof-integrated solar PV power shingles

Community Solar

Our solar-powered noise barriers shield communities from highway noise pollution and produce energy. We facilitate DOTs to partner with private investors, creating a mutually beneficial outcome for the environment and society.


Farming for the future

Revolutionizing sustainable farming with AI tech.

Agrivoltaics combines solar panels and farming on the same land, benefiting both by maximizing resources. The shade from the panels cools crops, increasing productivity and growth. This practice is eco-friendly, promotes responsible land use, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Our premium partners ensure that you only get the best.

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