More Questions about Solar?

When the sunlight hits the photovoltaic (PV) cells that make up the solar panels, the cells produce DC current which is transmitted to inverters. Inverters then convert the DC into AC current which your property usually uses.

The AC power is then used by your property, and the excess power produced by your systems is pushed back into the utility grid producing ‘credit’ on your account. At times when your system is not producing enough for your property, you will be using the available credit - this process is called net metering.

You typically get a dollar to dollar for your solar energy (i.e. if your utility cost from the utility is 18 c/kWh, then your credit will be the same (inclusive of energy cost, energy transmission, taxes, etc.). Questions about how net metering works? Reach out to us for a detailed estimate of your solar savings.

Yes. Commercial solar systems are ‘on-the-grid’ where the grid acts as your energy battery.

The system will be interconnected with the grid. The solar energy produced from your system will feed your facility first and push any excess energy back to the grid for credit from the energy provider (this is called net metering). In times when your system is not producing, your facility will draw electricity from the grid using your available net metering credits.

There are many benefits to solar energy. Solar provides clean and plentiful energy to your property. Solar panels are a great renewable energy option for homes and businesses because they are long-lasting, not disruptive, and can be installed in any area that gets sunshine. After your installation process is complete, there are no inputs needed other than sunlight and little annual maintenance to worry about.

Solar is a great investment that can help you save money on your energy bills. By producing your own energy, you will reduce the amount of power you need to buy from your local utility and cut energy costs. Solar can also add value to your property, as homes with solar systems have been found to sell for higher prices than comparable homes without solar. Since there is little maintenance needed for solar systems, you will see the financial benefits immediately after installation. Solar systems are becoming more affordable, and there is no better time to make the switch than right now.

Solar systems today are very effective. Rooftop solar is usually installed facing south, which maximizes the amount of sunlight the array can collect. Even a small array can generate a significant amount of energy. If you are wondering about your specific roof or location, you can try using our proprietary satellite-based estimate system or contact one of our specialists today. There is certainly a solar option that will work for you.

Rooftop solar arrays are very stable. They are structurally designed to withstand inclement weather, so no need to worry about storms damaging your array. Solar systems will still generate power on cloudy or rainy days. They will generate more on sunny days, of course, but as long as the sun is shining your solar system is still working!

Solar energy costs less than the cost of utility electricity in MA, NH, RI, and CT. You have many options to get solar:

  1. You can either buy the solar energy system upfront using cash or loans. In this case, your energy cost will be less than 1/3rd of what you pay towards your utility.
  2. Or: we can install your system for no upfront cost to you. You would then pay for the energy much less than what you pay towards your energy bill for 10 (or 20) years.

There are also a number of incentives available for solar adopters. For more information on possible federal, state, and local incentives, see our Cost of Solar page or reach out to one of our specialists for a detailed estimate.

Solar energy is booming, and there is no better time to get started with solar power than right now. Call our experts at 1-877-772-6357 to get started immediately with the solar process, or fill out the form below so we can get in touch with you.

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