Solar Noise Barriers & Transportation-Based Solar Projects

Photovoltaic noise barriers (PVNBs) offer solutions to a multitude of issues that face communities and State Departments of Transportation (DOTs).

Photovoltaic noise barriers (PVNBs) are technologies designed to mitigate noise levels, shield receivers from noise pollution generated by road traffic, and produce clean energy. Their structure is composed of a noise barrier system with a photovoltaic (PV) installation that converts sunlight into electricity.

Not to mention, they also come with the following benefits:

  • PV Noise Barriers are privately funded - they will be built without using state funds, allowing more noise barriers to be built wherever they are needed without impacting state budgets
  • The energy produced by PV Noise Barriers can be sold at a discount to either DOTs or communities at a reduced rate, saving taxpayers more money
  • The benefits are not just financial - the environmental benefits of producing clean, renewable energy will help local and state governments achieve carbon reduction targets at no cost to taxpayers
  • Minimum use of land is key to ensuring the success of these barriers - and it’ll ensure the success of everyone involved.

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We help municipalities and DOTs evaluate and realize the potential of solar energy installations on existing noise barriers and/or on new pure solar sound barriers.

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