NuWatt Energy™, LLC is incorporated in Massachusetts, Texas, California, Florida, and New Hampshire. Our local and organically-trained teams serve customers in Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

Our core focus centers on providing our clients with an exceptional experience with solar from start to end, and our long term commitment with top after-sales support.

Deep Practical Experience

Not only have we had renewable energy expertise and been involved in evaluating and consulting for the industry, but our staff have ample exposure to the construction and engineering industry and know how to deliver comprehensively engineered results in exchange for your highest satisfaction.

Solar Expertise & Beyond

Our team consists of professional installers with a combined portfolio of 1,200+ quality commercial and residential installations, engineers with strong experience in renewable energy applications, structures and building envelopes, and sales professionals that can extend your knowledge about best options.

Commitment to Please

Our turnkey solutions are tailored to each unique property, locality and needs, and we strive to package each solution to include all the right components from suggested financing options through installation and delivery. Our promise to you is to make going solar and battery storage seamless & continue to support you.