Solar Challenge for Non-profits


Non-profit organizations are big consumers of energy. However, the non-profit status makes the process of going solar complex for many reasons:

- Non-profits cannot directly take advantage of federal tax benefits (i.e., the ITC and accelerated depreciation)

- Most nonprofits operate on a consensus model that prolongs decision making, thereby jeopardizing the temporary availability of rebates or price discounts.

- Non-profits often deal with less predictable budgets that can make long term financial obligations more complicated. Commercial loans may be hard to obtain given that lending institutions are risk avert.



NuWatt Energy has been able to help entities such as houses of worship, churches, museums, schools and other organizations go solar. We are able to offer solutions that creates substantial savings on energy costs for the entity and enables the entity to live up to its mission as guardian of the environment.

We facilitate either a grass root fund where participants share in the cost of revenues of the solar project while the entity gets maximum savings, or using a third party PPA through a an investor selection process.

Solar-Power Your Nonprofit

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