How a Solar PPA Works

With NuWatt Energy you gain access to better solar PPA terms

NuWatt Energy does a site audit and provides various proposal scenarios with financial analysis.

You choose the scenario that best fits your objectives & sign Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract.

NuWatt Energy  engineers, permits, installs and interconnects the solar system to the grid at no cost to you.

You pay a low rate for the power the solar system produces. The rate is typically less than your utility's.

NuWatt Energy maintains and monitors your system while you continue to save on your energy bill.

After 10-years*, the system is yours and the energy is free to you. You save for the next 10-15 useful system lifetime.

More Savings with NuWatt Short-term PPA

Flexible Terms

We provide you with scenarios so you can choose between. 10-year or 20-year term PPA.

Short-term Solar PPA

Save on your energy costs for ten years. Year 11, you get the system for $1 and your energy is free afterwords.

Lower Rates

Our short-term PPA rates and annual escalators are competitive with competitors' 20-year PPA's.

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