Next Steps


Welcome to Energy Independence!

We’re super excited to help you on the path to solar ownership and energy independence. Now that you have a signed contract, we want to lay out the next steps.

The whole process usually takes between 2-4 months depending on the cooperation of the involved 3rd parties, application processing times, and any unexpected delays that may occur.

From this point on, the NuWatt Energy Projects team will take care of everything along the way. Going forward, if you have any questions, concerns, or project update requests, you can reach out to the Projects team directly by emailing the Projects Team or by calling (877) 772-6357.

Your project starts once we receive your signed contract.

You will be receiving an invoice for the down payment shortly after executing the contract via email. You can then elect to pay either via our secured online portal or by a check.

Once the down payment is received our team will start designing the permit plans for the system, obtaining a structural engineer's affidavit, and preparing applications. We will then submit relevant applications to the utility company and the town. The specific order of this process may vary based on project-specific priorities.  

While waiting for the approvals of the applications we submitted to the respective entities, our team will apply for all applicable rebates as offered by the state, town, and/or utility. These local incentives -where available- will vary based on where you live.

Rest assured that we will apply for all applicable incentives to make your solar investment worthwhile.

Once we obtain approvals from the town, utility, and rebates (if applicable), then we move on to the next step!

Once we have the approvals to install your solar system, our team will work with you on the logistics and scheduling of your installation.

At this point, you will be receiving your project's first milestone invoice (or first loan disbursement request). 

We will then order the materials and secure a date for installation!

We have arrived at the most exciting step!

Our experienced crew of installers and electricians will arrive early on the scheduled install day to start their work.

After greeting you, our crew lead will review the installation plan and discuss the layout of the system, how the conduit will be run, and any other relevant details.

A typical installation takes 1-3 days, depending on the size of your solar system, the complexity of your roof, and the electrical work.

The second milestone payment will be due once the install is started (loan customers may have a different payment schedule as per contract).

After your solar system is installed, we will coordinate with the electrical inspector for the final electrical inspection. The timing of this step depends on the inspector's availability.

Some towns require a building inspection on top of the electrical inspection, which is scheduled at a later date 

Once the inspection is done, our team will send closing documents to the utility for final review & approval. The utility then puts in a work order, and has up to 10 business days to send their technician to put in the net meter (and install a second meter if applicable). The visit is followed by an official email approving the operation of the system.

Your system is now ready to be turned on! This triggers the final payment, due upon commissioning.

Our team will walk you through the simple steps to turn on your system. Once turned on, we will establish your online monitoring and send you access.

Congratulations on Going Solar!


We are a local company that prides itself on servicing you and strive for excellence. We always value your feedback to improve and we would love to hear from you about your experience.

As we strive to spread the solar goodness, we would love to work with you and reward the good word. NuWatt Energy provides referral bonuses of up to $500 if your family or friend goes solar through us. Just another way of us saying 'Thank You' for loving solar and energy independence!


Thank you for choosing NuWatt Energy!