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Solar batteries are the best way to generate backup power. If you live in an area where utilities are unreliable or if you wanna go off the grid while using renewable energy, solar batteries are worth it. If you are thinking of storing the energy generated by your solar panels, it's best to invest in Solar Battery. If you don't have a battery and you are connected to the Grid that means that you will have no backup power when your neighborhood has an outage. If you are connected to the grid, and no battery means that your system won't work at all. To sum up, batteries are crucial to keeping your system running all the time.

Choosing the best battery in that market involves a few factors like its capacity. power, efficiency, or how much it will cost. To help you make the right choice we have prepared this article that will give you beneficial information about solar batteries. There are a lot of batteries in the market but we would recommend the following:

1.Sonnen Batteries

2.LG Chem solar battery

3.Panasonic Evervolt

How to compare Solar Batteries?

Capacity: It's measured in kWh and is the total amount of electricity that your solar battery will store.

Round-trip efficiency: It's the difference between the amount of solar energy that is needed to charge it and the available amount. It's best to look for one that has more than 80% efficiency.

Warranty: Battery's performance will decline over time and a good warranty will guaranty a good performance for years. Also, it will ensure that the battery will maintain a certain capacity.

Life capacity: As time goes on, the battery will start to lose its ability to hold a charge. All the batteries in the market lose their abilities over time but it's important to choose one that will hold that charge for longer.

Depth of discharge (DoD): This term is used to indicate the percentage of the battery's energy that has been discharged relative to its overall capacity. Overtime, for an optimal battery performance its recommended a specific maximum of DoD. That changes and is specific to the battery, the higher the DoD means that it's considered a better quality battery.

sonnen battery

Sonnen was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in Germany. They are the largest residential battery company in Europe. Also, they deliver long-lasting and high-quality energy storage systems by issuing lithium iron phosphate batteries. Sonnen is a premium option and offers a premium price.

Solar Model: Sonnen Eco

Thesonnen Eco is a lithium iron phosphate battery. It has a higher power and it's very safe. The company offers a 10 years / 10,000 cycle warranty for Sonnen Eco and the guaranteed end of life capacity is at 70%. The battery comes in different sizes with varying power and usable capacities. They offer 7 models including eco5. eco 7.5, eco 10, eco 12.5, eco 15, eco17.5, eco 20 starting from 3kW power to  8Kw, and their usable capacity ranges from 5 kWh to 20 kWh.

Their battery is an AC-coupled battery. Solar panels produce the DC electricity that is transformed into AC electricity by inverter. After it that electricity can be used by the appliances and the rest will go to another inverter and be transformed into AC and stored on the battery. Even though most solar batteries require an external switch to allow off-grid operation, The Sonnen battery comes with backup power options. The listed price is around $10,000 which includes an integrated inverter and software. Depending on where you live, customers have access to financial incentives that can reduce the installation costs.

Solar Model: Ecolinx Battery

Sonnen offers a longer-lasting battery by having a 15 year/15,000 cycle warranty and offering 12 to 10 kWh capacities for its Ecolinx Battery. Ecolinx Battery comes in two different models: ecoLinx and ecoLinx 30. Ecolinx has a power rating of 8kw but ecoLinx 30 has the largest battery in the line, reaching a capacity of 30Kwh. EcoLinx 30 can deliver more energy to your home. Ecollinx offers a depth of discharge of 100%. Sonnen for this battery offers a 15-year warranty and a 65% guaranteed end of warranty capacity. The cost varies and it can be anywhere from 9,000 up to $30,000 for the 12kwh depending on where you live and what type of equipment you choose to install.

Hanwha 340 Watt Q-Cell

Vivint and LG Chem announced in May 2018 a partnership. LG Chem is a globally leading supplier of lithium-ion batteries for residential and other uses. They lead the global market when it comes to batteries for grid-scale and residential storage. Vivint Solar is a leading solar provider in the USA. They help people to power their homes with clean energy. They offer monitoring systems, maintenance services, and flexible financing options. Through their partnership, they offer LG Chem Resu batteries.

Solar Model: LG Chem RESU Battery

Their battery is safe for indoor and outdoor use. For more additional power capacity, the battery can be linked with other LG Chems batteries. All of them can also be linked with a hybrid inverter or a string and battery inverter. The battery comes with a 10-year performance warranty. Offering a 60% capacity at the end of that period, which is less than most competitors. The battery has an energy capacity of 12.4 kWh and is built without an inverter. The total cost range, including supporting equipment and installation, is between $8,000 t0 $13,000. Their battery is not intended for those individuals looking to go off the grid. The battery is a great option to supply you during peak hours for several hours, not for several days. LG Chem comes in 48V and 400V. The high voltage is a more expensive option but at a reasonable price. The 48V can be used in off-grid homes depending on the inverter. They come in different models and with different capacities.

LG Chem model

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic in 2019 officially launched their own residential battery: The Evervolt. Their product is scalable with both AC and DC-coupled configurations. The Evervolt is specifically designed to work with Panasonic's HIT panels. Imagine having all the products under the warranty of the same company.

Solar Model: Panasonic Evervolt

The battery is available in four or six battery configurations. It's an AC and DC-coupled system, meaning that it can be easily adaptable to any system. They come in 4 models: two Ac-coupled (EVAC-105 4 and EVAC-104 6) and two DC-coupled (EVDC-105 4 and EVDC-105 6).

It comes with an app, where you can view the energy usage and the solar energy generated.  The bigger model reaches a maximum power of 5.5 kW to 17.1 KWh and the standard model reaches 4.4 kW and 11.4 Kwh of usable capacity.

In terms of performance, the battery has a round trip of 84% for AC-coupled and reaching 89% for DC-coupled. The Evervolt comes with a 10-year warranty and a 60% end of warranty capacity. The good thing about Evervolt is that it is a modular battery, meaning that if you like to increase the backup power you can add multiple batteries together. In terms of price, it reaches $15,000 and it goes up for Plus models, depending on where you live and the type of equipments that you choose to install.

Panasonic EverVolt

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