Adding a solar energy system to your home is an important decision, and it is only right that you have access to all the information you need to choose the right installer. Beyond the fantastic benefits of going solar, owning a solar panel system can be a painless experience when you have the right system for your home and the right installer both to execute a flawless installation and be a responsive partner for any post-installation maintenance and customer service.

With our extensive experience in installing high-quality solar panel systems and providing green energy solutions to homeowners throughout Texas and the United States, we at NuWatt Energy value clear, honest communication with our customers while keeping them happy and satisfied with our exceptional customer service before, during, and after the installation.

Here are several questions you should ask potential installers (including us!).

1. Can you go over the design you are proposing?

Solar installers should be the experts at…installing solar. So put potential installers in the hot seat and ask them to go over the proposal they have designed for your home.

Feel free to have them explain their reasoning for the product and materials they are using, where on your roof/property the panels will be located, how much energy the solar panel system is expected to produce, and if there are any obstructions like trees potentially affecting the performance of your panels.
Always ask for clarification for any technical jargon used that you might not understand.

Ask the company to lay out the different parts of the timeline for your solar installation and whether the proposal takes into account the real conditions of the roof in terms of shading, roof orientation, and accurate modeling.

2. How much am I saving with solar?

Honest installer companies will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of financing and not channel you into one option to close a quick deal.

When selecting a solar installer company, it’s essential to find one that is honest and transparent about financing options. A reputable solar company should explain the advantages and disadvantages of each financing option, rather than trying to push you into a single option to close a quick deal. By educating you on the different financing options available, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and budget.

A trustworthy solar company will prioritize your best interests, even if it means taking the time to explain different financing options thoroughly.

3. What rebates and incentives are available to me?

Making sure you get the best deal on your solar panel system and return on investment requires factoring in all applicable rebates and incentives (including the federal solar investment tax credit) to the price of your system.

Your installer should explain to you what these rebates and incentives are, if they are still available to new solar panel system owners if they are applicable to the system proposed for your home, and if the installer is registered with your electric utility (often a prerequisite for your installation to access any local/utility incentives).

Potential installers should be equipped to project the financial benefits of you going solar with them.

4. What warranties do you offer on labor, materials, and production?

Purchasing a solar energy system for your home is the first part of accessing the great benefits of solar. Having a dependable installation partner there for you to help maintain the high performance of your system for years to come is equally as important.

Ask your installer for product specifications on the materials in their proposed solar panel system designs. Get absolute clarity on what warranties an installer offers on their labor, panel system materials, and system performance.

Make sure the company offers a warranty that covers labor costs to do the repairs on major equipment for at least 10 years. As an example, NuWatt Energy offers residential customers a labor warranty of 25 years for such equipment. Check our solid warranty for Panasonic installs out!

5. How do I finance my solar panel system?

If you are interested in a solar loan, your installer is your initial resource for how you can secure financing. Ask them what solar financing companies they recommend/partner with to bring customers access to loan products and what the loan application process might look like.

Even before you secure a loan, have your installer estimate, based on reasonable assumptions of the loan term and interest rate, what your projected monthly payments might be. While a different institution will be providing you with financing for your solar system, a great installer can provide additional support through the process.

Solar installers should be the experts at installing solar and honest to provide the best advice on your investment

6. What solar panel brands do you offer?

Different solar panel brands have different specifications, prices, and warranties. The solar industry is going through a growth phase and every few months a new manufacturer pops up. You are investing in one of the most expensive projects for your home and you want the manufacturer to outlive the warranty they promise you 10 or 25 years from now. Do not settle for unknown brands!

Ask your solar company about the brands they offer and research their reputation, efficiency, and reliability. At NuWatt Energy, we only install solar panels and inverters from financially strong brands, such as Panasonic and Enphase, that can outlast warranties and protect your investment.

7. How long have you been around?

Such a simple question, right? Nonetheless, with numerous installers competing for your business and attention, you have the right to know their level of competency and experience.

Going solar is a collaborative process where a high-quality installer will take your questions and feedback and design the best solar panel system for your home.
At NuWatt Energy, we are the customer’s installer since 2009. We value honesty and transparency with homeowners and empower our customers through education and excellent service to see the benefit of solar power for themselves.

The time for solar is now. See if it’s right for you. We’re here to help every step of the way. Contact our NuWatt solar consultants for a complimentary quote today.

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