Benefits of a Solar Battery

Installing a solar energy storage system such as a solar battery is a smart and financially viable decision in most cases.

Solar batteries offer a continuous supply of energy in case of a utility power outage. This means you don’t have to rely as much on your utility. A solar battery backup system is a great solution if you live in an area where outages are frequent or the grid is unreliable. This can be of a high value in the Northeast where winter poses a challenge to grid lines and in Texas where grid reliability became the focus during the snowstorm of Winter 2021, not to mention the frequent issues Texas homeowners face during heat waves and imposed energy rationing.

In addition to the power reliability batteries provide, there are many solar storage incentives that utilities pay you for having a battery installed. For example, many Massachusetts and New Hampshire utilities, such as Eversource and National Grid, pay you for tapping into a portion of your solar battery energy when energy demand is peaking through a program called ConnectedSolutions.

In Rhode Island, National Grid offers a very generous battery incentive for installing a solar battery through ConnectedSolution. Homeowners with these batteries can expect around $1,200 annually for the first 5 years.

In Texas, some utilities may pay a rebate for solar systems coupled with solar batteries.

Established in 2006, Enphase is a solar manufacturing company out of Northern California. They manufacture batteries, inverters, and other solar accessories. Above all, Enphase creates award-winning battery technology to optimise output and provide one of the industries best performing clean energy systems.

Originated in 2010, Sonnen is a German engineering company. They are the largest residential battery company in Europe. In 2016, Sonnen brought its innovative designs and services to North America and established roots in the United States. Since then, they have been delivering some of the highest quality and longest lasting energy storage systems in the world.

Comparing the Products

Three key components to an effective solar battery are usable capacity, efficiency and degradation. First, usable capacity is the total amount of usable electricity that a battery can hold. Next, the battery’s round trip efficiency refers the amount of energy that can be used after charging and then discharging the battery. Finally, degradation tells us how quickly the battery’s storage capacity decreases over time. In addition, the battery’s warranty is also a key indicator of the overall quality of the battery. The higher the number of warranty cycles, the more life you will get from your battery.


The SonnenCore is an AC-coupled lithium iron phosphate battery. It is easily installed, ultra-quiet, and long-lasting. In addition, this battery has a 10 year warranty and 10,000 warranty cycles. This means that you can really get the most life out of this battery. Also, the degradation is 7%, and it has a usable capacity of 10.0kWh. Lastly, this battery has 85% round trip efficiency.

Energy Encharge 10

Similarly, the Energy Encharge 10 is also an AC-coupled lithium iron phosphate battery. It is a reliable, smart, and simple energy storage system. In addition, the Encharge battery has a warranty of 10 years. However, its warranty cycles do not compare to the SonnenCore. The Energy Encharge 10 only has 4,000 warranty cycles compared to the 10,000 that SonnenCore has. Although, the warranty cycles are not as high, the round trip efficiency is 89% and the usable capacity is 10.08 kWh. Additionally, the degradation sits at 3%, which is lower than the SonnenCore.

Brand Sonnen Enphase
Model SonnenCore Energy Encharge 10
Usable Capacity 10.0kWh 10.08kWh
Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate Lithium Iron Phosphate
Peak Power 8.6 kWDone ticket 5.7 kW
Continuous Power 4.8 kWDone ticket 3.84 kW
Round-trip efficiency 85% 89%Done ticket
Degradation 7% 3%Done ticket
Warranty 10 yr 10 yr
Warranty Cycles 10000Done ticket 4000
Connection Type AC AC

Which Battery is Better?

Both Sonnen Sonnencore and Enphase Encharge batteries are great solutions. Though there are stark differences in terms of the Power Peak and the Continuous Power that Sonnen can provide compared to what Enphase can. Power is a critical factor when you run multiple appliances simultaneously. For example, if you have to run an AC unit and a pool pump at the same time, you’d definitely choose the units that can supply the higher power. Other factors ,such as the number of warranty cycles and cost of Sonnen vs cost of Encharge are of relative importance as they may affect the incentive value that you can get for installing the solar battery.

NuWatt Energy is a certified installer of Sonnen, Enphase, LGChem, and Panasonic premium batteries. Our NuWatt Team will be happy to walk you through the benefits and disadvantages of each battery and propose the right solution for your home.

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