Panasonic and LG Solar are companies that offer some of the best solar panels in the industry. They offer high quality, top efficiency, and very reliable panels and they push to get the best panels and that’s why they offer “premium solar panels“. For this comparison and review, we will provide general information for both companies and will be focused on their best solar modules.

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and a popular choice for homeowners. It’s the best option if you are looking for a trustworthy company that has been in the market for a long time. You want to choose a company that is able to support you thought the whole life of the solar panels. Panasonic guarantees that your HIT panel will provide a 90.76% power output after 25 years. That’s 13% more power compared to what is offered by a traditional solar panel warranty. Panasonic panels are highly rated and reviewed in the USA.

The models that we offer from Panasonics are VBHN 330 SA17; VBHN 340 SA17.

LG Solar Panel

LG Solar has a long history in manufacturing solar photovoltaics starting over 30 years ago. In 1985 they started their research in solar power. The most popular LG panels are the NeOn 2 module series including LG330N1C-A5; LG315N1C-G4; LG350Q1C-A5. The LG Neon Series is a good investment with efficient between 18.6% to 19.5%. Furthermore, the technology used has helped them to gain more improvements in efficiency but they are still below Panasonic on the efficiency of the panels. The reason why LG is high on the rankings is because of the strength of the company.

The models that we offer from LG Solar are LG335, LG345, LG350, LG355, LG360, LG375.

Comparing the Products

TYPE Mono-crystalline Mono-crystalline Silicon
WATTAGE (W) 340 350 Done ticket
POWER DERATING 0.26 % Done ticket 0.54 %
HEIGHT – INCH 62.60 66.38
WEIGHT – INCH 41.50 40.00

Both companies are strong, with a long history in the solar industry. The key disadvantage of the LG solar panels it that they are not the most efficient panels compare to Panasonic but they have great products. LG solar panel’s warranty is a better warranty than the industry’s average.


Both solar panels come with a great warranty, a double 25-year warranty from Panasonic and LG. That means that both companies will stand behind their products over the long term, and will repair and replace any damage that will occur to your system. The warranty comes because both companies have a long reputation in the solar industry and demonstrate their commitment to their customers.


Panasonic and LG Solar also design very pleasing and aesthetically mono solar panels that come in all black design or black cells with a silver frame. Both manufacturers offer superior design and they can be integrated with a wide variety of applications that meet your needs.


Both companies are attempting to offer high-quality solar panels with high-efficiency solar cells. If we compare both products we see that Panasonic’s model has a 20.3% module efficiency and on the other side, LD Model has a 20.4% module efficiency. Both panels have a low annual degradation which will result in additional value to the solar panel. They will continue to produce energy even after 20 years and beyond on the same levels.

So which one is better, Panasonic or LG Panels? Both Panasonic and LG Solar make a great solar panel for any system. For premium modules, both have a great price point. Choosing the solar panel is also very important, but also to choose the best inverter and racking system to get the most of your solar investment.

Solar Model: Panasonic VBHN340SA17

Panasonic has a rate of 90% year 25 performance guarantee. The HIT technology has a great performance for the New England climate. The advantages of HIT technology is that heterojunction technology minimizes electron loss. Panasonic panels have a higher performance at high temperatures. This is the best solar panel if you live in a place where the sun is available all year round. Also, it has dual-sided cells that multiply the energy output, and it has smart water drainage for peak power. Lastly, the company has strict quality testing standards for long-life performance. Panasonic has a rate of 90% year 25 performance guarantee.

Solar Model: LG 350N1C-V5

Neon series from LG has proven itself to have a track of great durability. The module has a black frame and a white back sheet. When it comes to power output the panel has 350 watts and comes with a 25-year warranty. It reaches an efficiency of 20.4% and power output warranty derating of 0.5%. The panels are durable to snow, wind, and fire.

Panasonic VBHN340SA17 HIT+
Hanwha 340 Watt Q-Cell

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